Hypershield® was developed as a highly flexible, single pack acrylic-urethane clear coating for vinyl curtaining and other flexible surfaces. Hypershield® cures to a hard but flexible finish which is easy to clean. The highly flexible nature of Hypershield® (even when the vinyl is stretched) means that it has also become a favourite among sign writers as a sealer after sign writing or on plain unpainted vinyl curtains and to increase the life of the PVC's, vinyls and digital prints.

Did you know that your digital print only has a 1 year warranty with cold laminates? Hypershield® will extend the image life for up to 5yrs? UV and chemical inhibitors offer maximum resistance greatly extending colour life of your graphics and vinyl’s.

Hypershield® can now be tinted proving additional scope for vinyl advertising. The new Vinylside Basecoat system used in conjunction with Hypershield® now gives manufacturers a quick, cost effective way of adding colour and design with UV protection.

Hypershield has been successfully used on PVC, Vinyl applications by a variety of Sign Companies, Marquee Manufacturers and Printers over many years covering works

  • As a sealer after sign writing
  • As a sealer on plain unpainted vinyl curtains
  • UV protection to increase lifespan of coloured, non coloured PVC, Vinyl Structures
  • Re coating of existing PVC projects, re Tinting and Clear Coating

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