Our Business is proud of the outstanding working relationships, built with quality products, support service and technology.

Our Valued Partners are;
DPA - Durepox Marine An epoxy urethane paint, primer and topcoat all-in-one designed with flexibility and durability in mind, with superior adhesion to carbon fiber, fiberglass, wood and concrete. It has an excellent ability to withstand harsh weather and environments whilst tests have proven that its satin finish gives 15% less drag than a standard high gloss finish. Although applications are endless, it is a favorite in prestigious boat builds for the America’s Cup and many super yachts worldwide.

Finscan - Australian owned and designed these innovative & advanced digital switching systems manage all aspects of switching, monitoring, fuel/battery/water levels and AC/DC power distribution. Finscan Intellicore systems not only streamline the look of your dash, but seamlessly integrates multiple systems into one and significantly reduces cabling and installation time throughout. Constantly evolving and integrating new systems as demanded - Finscan is the future of switching in the marine and RV markets. Backed by excellent technical support is a completely Australian owned and built product that is completely flexible to meet your demands.

MPS - Marine Protection Systems is a manufacturer and representative of products that protect vessels and infrastructure in a marine environment. Logix Group specialize in the full product range exclusively by Marine Protection Systems. Industry leaders in electrolysis control and prevention devices to ensure you the highest quality in standards and products.